Podium + AnswerConnect = Simplify conversions.

Streamline customer interactions and increase your conversion rate.

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Unify your sales funnel with Podium and AnswerConnect.

Podium unifies web chat, texts, payments and reviews to make it simple to speak to customers, wherever they are.

Link AnswerConnect with Podium to scale your business with personalized support moments, quick payments, and excellent reviews.

Lead Capture

Seamless connection.

The AnswerConnect - Podium integration gives you the power to communicate across
platforms with just a click.

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The trigger

New message

Your receptionist answers your call or chat and takes a message.

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The action
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Create an invoice

Creates a new invoice.

To explore how AnswerConnect and Podium work together, try through zapier

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Why integrate?

  • Unify conversations

    Unify conversations

    Manage leads in Podium and keep your customer communications clean.

  • Steamline sales

    Steamline sales

    Automate invoices and give customers an easier way to pay.

  • Make it count

    Make it count

    Turn a great call into a perfectly-timed review request.

Get connected in four simple steps.

  • 1.Navigate.

    Go to the AnswerConnect - Podium Zapier page.

  • 2.Pick your options.

    Choose a resulting action from the other app.

  • 3.Choose your data.

    Select the data you want to send
    from AnswerConnect to Podium.

  • 4.Authenticate.

    Authenticate AnswerConnect and Podium.

Activate the integration now.

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  • What kind of information can I get in my Podium account using this integration?Arrow icon

    You can get a range of information in your Podium account, including caller contact details, the purpose of their call, and even appointment details. We work with you to define the information you need our receptionists to capture. That means you get the information you need in the channels you’re familiar with.

  • Can my receptionists assign contacts to existing Podium campaigns?Arrow icon

    Yes. We work with you to set up specific fields within your AnswerConnect account.

  • How does the integration work?Arrow icon

    The integration connects the AnswerConnect software with your Podium account. After taking a call, your virtual receptionists record all the call information in the AnswerConnect software and send it to you via email, SMS and the app. With the integration active, that information is also sent to your Podium CRM, where it appears in the fields you specified when setting up the integration.

  • Can I customize the information I receive?Arrow icon

    Yes. You can designate the fields you want the integration to populate in your Podium account upon setup.

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