Zapier + AnswerConnect = Flawless

Integrate your AnswerConnect service with Zapier and connect with hundreds of apps.

Zapier + AnswerConnect

Connect your apps with Zapier Zaps.

Zapier is a powerful software solution that enables you to integrate multiple web applications.

Create "zaps" to push your call data to your CRMs, CMS, and ticketing systems.

Zapier connects your AnswerConnect account with thousands of apps, giving you the power to automate your most common tasks.

Lead Capture Zapier

Why integrate?

  • Enhance efficiency

    Enhance efficiency

    Say goodbye to manual data entry forever.

  • Increase accuracy

    Increase accuracy

    Avoid duplicates and keep your lead outreach on track.

  • Cut overheads

    Cut overheads

    Custom software solutions are expensive. Zaps aren't.

Get connected in five simple steps.

  • 1.Find.

    Go to the AnswerConnect - Zapier page.

  • 2.Search.

    In the search bar labelled "Search for pairing apps", type the name of the app with which you want to integrate your AnswerConnect account.

  • 3.Choose.

    Choose the trigger (the initial action) and the Action (the result).

  • 4.Connect.

    Click "Connect My Apps" and follow the steps detailed by Zapier.

  • 5.Log in.

    Log in or create a Zapier account.

Get started with Zapier now.

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  • How does Zapier work?Arrow icon

    Zapier helps connect different software solutions to each other, enabling the transfer of information between both parties. Through Zapier, you can pair AnswerConnect with hundreds of other apps to enable the transfer of call information (created by your receptionists) from your AnswerConnect account to your chosen CRM.

  • How do I set up a Zap?Arrow icon

    • Choose "Create a Zap" from the left panel
    • Set up the Trigger. By default, you'll be prompted to choose "New Message" as the trigger. On choosing the event, you'll be prompted to enter your account details.
    • Enter your AnswerConnect account details. Once the trigger is set up, it will test the trigger values.
    • After the trigger is completed, you'll be asked to set up an action.
    • Select the app you want to connect to your AnswerConnect account.
    • After selecting the app, choose which action you want the trigger to prompt (eg creates a new contact).
    • On choosing the event name, you'll be asked to connect the action app.
    • After connecting the app, you'll need to map the required fields and decide how to receive the information.
  • How do I know if Zapier will help me connect my CRM with AnswerConnect?Arrow icon

    Go to the Zapier - AnswerConnect page and scroll down to the "Search for pairing apps" search bar. From there, you can search for your app and see if AnswerConnect integrates with it.

  • How many apps does Zapier connect to?Arrow icon

    Zapier connects to 5,000+ apps and adds new integrations all the time.

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