Zoho + AnswerConnect = All-in-one customer service.

Take control of your intake and outreach with seamless connection.

Zoho + AnswerConnect

What is the Zoho-AnswerConnect integration?

Zoho is a cloud-based software solutions provider. The company offers a powerful suite of software solutions to enable businesses of all sizes to connect with customers.

Get fresh leads and new contacts directly in your CRM to follow up in a flash with the Zoho - AnswerConnect integration.

Lead Capture Zoho

Seamless connection.

The AnswerConnect - Zoho integration gives you the power to communicate across
platforms with just a click.

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The trigger

New message

Your receptionist answers your call or chat and takes a message.

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The action
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Convert lead

Convert an existing lead to contact and account.

To explore how AnswerConnect and Zoho work together, try through zapier

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Why integrate?

  • Conquer lead capture

    Conquer lead capture

    Say goodbye to disjointed customer journeys and hello to more leads.

  • Follow up faster

    Follow up faster

    Respond to leads directly from your CRM and turn cold leads into contented clients.

  • Smash silos

    Smash silos

    Break down the barriers between platforms and unify your communications.

Get connected in three simple steps.

  • 1.Choose your integration.

    You can find all our integrations under Advanced Settings in your AnswerConnect app.

  • 2.Activate it.

    Simply enter your Zoho username and password to activate.

  • 3.We'll take care of the rest.

    You're good to go! Enjoy seamless connection between your Zoho and AnswerConnect accounts.

Activate the integration now.

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  • How does Zoho work?Arrow icon

    Zoho combines instant messaging, video-calling, and digital meeting spaces to enable your team to work, connect and collaborate anywhere.

  • How do I set up the Zoho - AnswerConnect integration?Arrow icon

    Simple! Follow the instructions listed under "Get connected in three simple steps" above.

  • How do I see my call information in my Zoho account?Arrow icon

    When configuring the workflow of the integration, you will be given the option to choose a module from the available options. Based on the choice of action made when setting up the integration, you'll find the information under the respective area. E.G. If you choose to create a new lead in your Zoho account when the message is taken, the respective information will automatically be transferred as a new lead from our system and appear as a lead in your Zoho account.

  • How do I send call messages to specific channels in my Zoho account?Arrow icon

    You will have to choose the respective channel based on the business requirement and it is good to check if the script has the required field to push information to the CRM.

  • Can I send messages to my receptionists through my Zoho account?Arrow icon

    No, you can't send messages to agents through your Zoho account.

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