People are
the answer.

Some may rush to automated solutions, but real care is a people thing.

People like people.

Tech can empower us. It can also replace us. As many rush to embrace AI, we use tech to connect people.

As tech improves, people prefer to
interact with a real person more.

  • 82%in the US agree.1
  • 78%in the UK agree.1
People 1People 2People 3
Source: 1 PwC Future of Customer Experience Survey.

Feel the difference
people make:

  • Optimism
  • Gratitude
  • Empathy
  • Connections
  • Care

Artificial is not intelligent.

When surveyed, customers said they prefer to chat with:

  • 80%a real person.1
  • 7%an artificial “intelligent” chatbot.1

What people hate most about bad customer service:

75%can't speak to a real person on the phone.2
Source: 1 CIO Summits study by Pegasystems, 2 Consumer Reports.

To feel, get real.

Listen to

Automated solutions cause frustration
and lack emotion and empathy.

  • 94%

    of people had experienced
    frustration in an automated
    voice experience.1

  • 74%

    were frustrated having to
    repeat themselves.1

Source: 1 Harris Poll.
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Douglas Rushkoff

Outlining how we can achieve our greatest aspirations when we work together, Team Human reminds us of the power of human connections.

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