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The beauty of the web: The ability to shop 24 hours per day on absolutely any day of the year. According to Internet Retailer magazine, online sales have steadily grown by as much as 20% during most of the past 5 years. Statistics collected show that even as total sales drop, online revenue often increases. (Internet Retailer)

Moving customers towards purchase is a crucial goal for many retailers — brick mortar and online-only stores alike. Customers are frequently held up during key steps in the online purchasing process though, abandoning full shopping carts when they can't resolve an important issue related to availability, shipping or privacy. That's where AnswerConnect's multi-channel approach to customer interaction comes into play.

Our Business Support Associates offer 24/7/365 customer support via telephone, email, and online chat. By partnering with AnswerConnect, your customers will have the option of resolving issues before they abandon their shopping carts. Instead of throwing up the closed sign outside typical hours, address customer concerns in one phone call or chat.

Our customer care is unequaled in the competitive call center industry. AnswerConnect Business Support Associates act as your customer service team — answering questions about color, size, availability, shipping, and a wealth of other inventory information. Our capable, friendly team enters orders directly into your internal, web-enabled order management solution or transmits orders to your team via the method you choose. From the initial greeting through to final sale, helpful associates deftly guide customers through the purchase process. And our cutting edge, backend computer system stores vast quantities of information accessible to associates when the phone rings through to their desks.

Dedicated staffing solutions are an ideal way for our retail clients to boost sales. These professional, friendly associates spend 100% of their time focused on your business and its products. Day by day, dedicated staff becomes expert on how to upsell and cross-sell products from throughout your offerings.

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