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Live answering and customer support for your California business.

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National coverage.

We work with businesses of all sizes across the state of California. Our virtual receptionists live and work in all time zones in the continental United States. That means that whether your customers live in California, elsewhere on the West Coast, or all the way across the country, we have 24-hour coverage for you.


Your business's growth is our goal. Whether you're one of California's famous startups, a small family business, or an enterprise company, we have an answering service plan that will help you provide great customer service at a fraction of the cost of an in-house call center. And when you grow, we grow with you, adding call-answering capacity so your customers are always taken care of.


You decide how to use our answering service. For many of our clients, we're a 24/7/365 telephone customer service department. For others, we answer calls after hours, picking up where their in-house staff leaves off. AnswerConnect is available for your business whenever you need us.


When you invest in marketing, you want to make sure you get the maximum return. But staffing an inbound call center, and responding to emails and chats as well, can be expensive. With our plans, our California answering service clients use their minutes when they need them. Our service is the most cost-effective way to provide fantastic customer support around the clock.


According to 2013 data from the Pew Research Center, 38.2% of Californians speak Spanish. But does your customer service department? We offer our California answering service clients the option of providing customer service in Spanish and English. That means your Spanish-speaking customers will feel welcome and valued. With Spanish the second most spoken language in the state of California, it just makes sense.

Distributed model.

Many businesses look for local suppliers. You're a California business, so you look for a California answering service. But there's no shipping cost for telephone customer service. And there are significant drawbacks to going local for your answering service. If your call center is down the street from your business, you may both be affected by the same power outage or natural disaster disruption. There's a better way.

Our distributed model takes the "center" out of call center. Our virtual receptionists live and work in several U.S. states, from coast to coast. This model leverages remote work to create a resilient network. No single event can knock our system offline, because it isn't located in just one place. That means more reliability for you as a California business owner.

California small business facts.

California's gross domestic product leads all U.S. states, accounting for over 14% of national GDP in 2016. The Golden State is known for its world-leading entertainment and technology companies, including the giants of Silicon Valley.

California also has 3.8 million small businesses, employing 6.8 million people, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration's 2017 Small Business Profile for the state. Many of our California answering service clients are among them.

California's economy grew at 3.8% in both 2014 and 2015. In the second quarter of 2016, California's economic growth was 2.2%, still faster than the national rate of 1.2%.

We help our California answering service clients maximize their marketing and take advantage of every opportunity to grow. Offering 24-hour customer service is hard for any business to do on its own, but we make it easy. And when you are there for your customers around the clock, you can capture more leads, convert more sales, and contribute to the economy of your California community. We're proud to be able to help!

The bottom line: Don't continue to miss your customers' calls when your lines are busy or when your office is closed. Turn to AnswerConnect's California answering service to provide your office with the highest degree of service.

Live answering and customer support services for your California business.

  • Always available

    Always available

    Never miss an opportunity when clients call.

  • Lead capture

    Capture every lead

    Be there for your prospective customers. Anywhere, anytime.

  • No voicemail

    No voicemail, no bots

    Win more business with real people, not automated voices.

  • Open for business

    Never closed for business

    Work from home, your office, or Anywhere.

  • Return callers

    Know your callers

    We recognize your returning callers for a personalized experience.

  • Manage calls

    Manage your calls

    Busy? Have an important meeting? We've got you covered.

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