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Chicago works hard. Carl Sandburg called it the City of the Big Shoulders. On the shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago businesses form a hub for goods from around the country and around the world.

From the Loop to O'Hare, the busiest airport in the world, from the Willis Tower to Navy Pier, Chicago knows commerce. For Chicago businesses looking to grow, a live telephone answering service can help.

With AnswerConnect, your business will never be closed, because your customers can always reach you through our virtual assistants to ask a question, book an appointment, or place an order.

Our Chicago clients are traders, doctors ,and lawyers. They're contractors, designers, and real estate agents. No matter what business you're in, we can help you succeed in Chicago and beyond.

Benefits of Live Answering Service.

  • Great service for your customers

    Friendly, professional assistance for your customers no matter how they contact you-by phone, email, or a chat window on your website.

  • Get the most out of your marketing

    Generating leads through marketing is great. Being ready to qualify and capture those leads is even better.

  • Save on Overhead

    Office space in Chicago cost $35.00 per square foot per year in December 2015. With a live answering service instead of an in-house receptionist, you won't need as much space. And you won't have to pay nearly the median Chicago receptionist salary of $34,451.

  • Focus on the Future

    When your customers are well supported around the clock, you can work smarter, not harder. You do the things to bring in new business for tomorrow, while AnswerConnect keeps your current customers happy today.

A Distributed Model Works Anywhere.

AnswerConnect is more than a local live answering service. We believe work is what you do, not where you do it. Our distributed model means we help thousands of businesses, in Chicago and across the country, to work wherever they are.

Why would you want to work with a distributed live phone answering service as a Chicago business?

  • Dependability

    If your answering service is local to you, they can get knocked offline by the same winter storm, power outage, or other emergency that affects you. Our receptionists are in five states and counting. They don't work at any single location, so no one situation in Chicago can interrupt your service.

  • Flexibility

    Our friendly, professional receptionists are in every time zone from coast to coast. If you do business with partners or customers on either coast or anywhere in the world, we're ready to take their calls. After hours and weekends? No problem. We're staffed around the clock.

  • Access

    With our proprietary software and Client Web Access, you can manage your account online, on your schedule. Retrieve your messages, adjust your call rules, make a payment, and more.

Chicago Business Resources.

  • Whether you're the founder of a startup or an executive with decades in business under your belt, a 24/7 live answering service will enhance your business owner's toolkit.
  • Looking for more resources for doing business in Chicago? Here are some to get you started:
  • The City of Chicago Small Business Center offers guidance on starting and running a business in the Windy City, including licenses, permits, and free workshops.
  • World Business Chicago works to keep Chicago at the forefront of the global economy.
  • The monthly Chicago Business Barometer , from the Institute for Supply Management-Chicago, is held to be a leading indicator of the national economy.

More leads with
less effort.

  • Always available

    Always available

    Never miss an opportunity when clients call.

  • Lead capture

    Capture every lead

    Be there for your prospective customers. Anywhere, anytime.

  • No voicemail

    No voicemail, no bots

    Win more business with real people, not automated voices.

  • Open for business

    Never closed for business

    Work from home, your office, or Anywhere.

  • Return callers

    Know your callers

    We recognize your returning callers for a personalized experience.

  • Manage calls

    Manage your calls

    Busy? Have an important meeting? We've got you covered.

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