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Call Forwarding

Straight forward instructions for easy call forwarding

Plans & Pricing

AnswerConnect clients have the option of using a telephone number we assign you or a phone number that you already utilize.

There are 4 common types of call forwarding that businesses prefer:

  • Standard call forwarding

    This is normally activated by manually dialing *72 or 72# followed by a call to your account number in order to forward your calls. To manually disable call forwarding dial *73 or 73#. All calls immediately forward to the forwarding number entered and you should hear a live associate answering your call.

  • No Answer call forwarding

    Dial *92 or 92# to activate no-answer call forwarding. To disable this feature you can dial *93 or 93#. With no-answer call forwarding calls are usually forwarded after 3-4 rings, or at a fixed number of rings you specify with your phone provider. To provide the quickest possible service to your callers, we recommend asking your phone provider to set the number of rings to two rings.

  • Busy call forwarding

    Dial *90 or 90# to manually engage busy call forwarding. And to disable busy call forwarding simply dial *91 or 91#. With busy call forwarding your calls are forwarded only when the line is busy.

  • Scheduled call forwarding

    A common feature from local phone providers allows you to schedule when you'd like calls forwarded based on time of day, busy, no-answer, and other specified conditions. For instance, your calls could be forwarded starting at 5 PM every weekday and stop at 8 AM the next business day. This type of call forwarding is available with most telco providers, but please check with your provider for specific options in your calling area.

Each of these different types of call forwarding are standard features available on most business phone lines provided through your local phone company. Forwarding procedures may vary, so please check with your local phone provider if these procedures don't work for you.