Young professionals, students, and new graduates are often ready and eager to join the job market. However, they don’t always have the interview and presentation skills to land the position they want.

The problem, says Interview2Work’s co-founder Lorraine Beaman, is that job seekers struggle to improve interviewing skills. “They can’t see themselves the way we and prospective employers do,” Beaman says. Interview2Work guides clients through the process of preparation for job interviews, and beyond the interview as well, through the first thirty days on the job.


Using technology to build interview skills

Beaman and co-founder Susan Mason leverage technology to help their advice really sink in. “Our customized, interactive, web-based interview, salary negotiation, and onboarding sessions let clients see what we are talking about and increase their ability to make career-enhancing improvements,” Beaman says.

Interview2Work’s system allows job seekers to practice interviewing skills on video, so they can see the results. The company also provides professional feedback to coach its clients to success. The interactive, online system is available any time clients want to use it. Clients can even share the practice sessions with friends and mentors to get even more valuable feedback.


A working partnership

Since Interview2Work’s service is available to clients around the clock, “we needed an answering service with the same hours and commitment to friendly, supportive customer service,” Beaman says. “Our clients are dealing with the stresses of job searches and career launches. We wanted them to be able to talk to a real person immediately, not wait for an email response.”

Partnering with AnswerConnect has helped Interview2Work provide that level of service and meet its our goal of responding to clients immediately. “When we return the calls we always get a ‘your staff is so nice, feedback,” Beaman says. “So our clients do not have to wait to speak with a live person and are feeling very positive about our company when we connect.”

(Photo: Rik Keller)