Answering services for businessesAnswering services for businesses are designed to seamlessly join with the company they represent.

Remote phone associates answer the phone in a company’s name and follow customized scripts and phrases. Sometimes, they act as receptionists, answering and transferring calls during business hours. In situations not covered by scripting, call center employees can access additional company resources online, or they can ensure any unanswered question reaches the most appropriate person for the answer.

With online web support, a chatbox integrates into a company’s website, with logos, colors and fonts blending in perfectly with the company’s.

Associates can do these tasks remotely, miles away from the companies they’re representing. And callers might never know.

It’s a little bit like Chang and Eng, the original Siamese twins.

Bear with me.

After the conjoined twin brothers’ circus-traveling limelight, their story gets truly interesting. Having traveled the world, Chang and Eng settled in Wilkesboro, North Carolina, started up a tobacco farm, became American citizens, adopted the last name “Bunker,” married sisters Adelaide and Sarah Yates, and fathered 21 children combined.

Chang was quick-witted yet short-tempered. Eng was quiet, given to reading and study. They maintained separate households a mile and a half apart, traveling back and forth every three days. While each was in their own home, he was lord of his castle, the “guest” brother deferring to his decisions.

Physically, being conjoined didn’t stop them from becoming expert runners and swimmers. Mentally, they seemed to know what the other was thinking. They were very rarely observed talking with each other, naturally acting as one. These two men, who had literally never been apart since birth, managed to balance their inevitable partnership with a surprising degree of autonomy.

Answering services for businesses can work together just like this. Two separate entities, connected in perfect sync, each naturally helping the other.