Many of our clients’ businesses are based on appointments. Whether they’re an HVAC installer or a law firm, a medical office or a real estate agent, they use some kind of appointment scheduling software to allow their clients to book time with their team.

Your clients can get on your calendar by calling your staff. Or, if your system allows it, they can go online and book themselves. But combining your answering service with your appointment setter just makes sense. Clients who are unsure how to book appointments get the help they need, before they look elsewhere for the services you provide.


Benefits of online scheduling through a virtual receptionist

One-call resolution

By handling appointment scheduling through your answering service, you can offer one-call resolution to your clients. No longer will they have to call back to schedule their appointment with you or your staff. We book it for them on the first call, in just a few minutes.

Focus on the essentials

Our virtual receptionists can help your appointment-based business manage your calendar. When your clients call you, we book the appointment for them. You keep your schedule full without taking time away from delivering the services you provide.

Book more appointments

The bottom line is, when you offer more appointment-setting support, you book more appointments. And if you’re operating an appointment-based business, that means more revenue. Our virtual receptionists can help your clients book appointments 24/7/365, not just during your hours of operation.


How combining virtual receptionists with your scheduling app works

We work with many clients to book their calendars. As long as you’re using a scheduling application with a public booking page, it’s easy to set up. Just provide the link to us during your account setup, or whenever you want us to start booking appointments for you.

When your client calls in to request an appointment, our receptionist won’t have to take a message, or transfer the call. Instead, they’ll navigate to your booking page and book the appointment based on your availability and the client’s needs. It’s as simple as that!


Our recommended appointment scheduling solution: Setmore

If you’re looking for an appointment scheduling app for your business, we recommend Setmore. Why? It’s a full-featured calendar management application with a robust free version. Our receptionists are familiar with Setmore, so it’s easy for them to book appointments for your clients. And Setmore syncs with Google and Outlook, so your calendars will always be up-to-date.

For our clients who already have an appointment setting solution they’re happy with, we can still help with booking. The key is that the scheduling application you use has to have a booking page that’s accessible online, without logging in. Many apps, including Setmore, offer this feature. That way, our receptionists don’t need your company’s login credentials to help your callers.


Get started with appointment setting today

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