Welcome to Friday, everyone! Hannah here! Today I want to take a look at the #OpenWeStand movement started by GoDaddy back in March of 2020 and how it has supported small businesses. The overall mission is: 

“Providing resources to help businesses stay open, even when their doors must remain closed.” 

The Roots.

It started with just a hashtag. #OpenWeStand was originally created to promote care and wellness to businesses that were hit the hardest. After receiving 3 million shares in its first week, the hashtag quickly turned into a movement. It’s since become home to a community of businesses, small and large, to share resources, services, and words of encouragement. Signing the pledge notifies clients, leads, employees, and other members that all businesses are weathering this storm together.

Small businesses are the backbone of our economies. In the United States alone, small businesses generate about:

50% of the U.S.’s GDP, with over 27 million companies spanning across the nation. 

They are a force that cannot be ignored. AnswerConnect was one of those 27 million. Our origin story begins in 1995. Two guys in a Portland garage had the idea of becoming a long-distance phone carrier provider. Fast forward 25 years, add 1,000+ team members, a few states, two countries, and the main driver is still small-business focused. That will never change. The support for small businesses is greater than ever.

Health and services of small businesses.

Every call, web chat, and lead is vital to the prosperity of any business. Having the resources and service to catch every aspect of your business is essential, even those after-hours calls. Small businesses deserve to have peace of mind in knowing that they are covered 24/7 even when team members are working from home or it is after-hours, weekends, holidays, etc.

24/7 coverage keeps business owners connected even when they are unable to personally answer every phone call.

As businesses adapt to the challenges of covid-19, movements like #OpenWeStand will be instrumental in their survival. Through sharing resources, supporting local economies, and strengthening our community ties, we can weather the challenges of today and prepare for a brighter tomorrow.