Professional pest control adapts in COVID-19 with virtual consultations via AnswerConnect App.

Kristen Fercho has been with Mosquito Squad of Columbia since 2013 and has been an AnswerConnect client since 2018. She has run all office operations since joining Kenny Kaufman and has helped grow the business to span three territories under two companies while staying connected.

When covid-19 halted the U.S. economy, Kristen and her office needed a solution to maintain business continuity. She found herself working from home while still having to host client consultations. Kristin also wanted customers to feel as if they were the top priority when they call. That meant hearing a real human voice instead of an AI response or “Press One” options. She wanted human connection at the forefront of the business even during covid-19.

The AnswerConnect solution.

AnswerConnect offered several solutions. They continued to answer Mosquito Squads after-hours calls and handle appointment scheduling. But they also provided Kristen and her office with the ability to host video meetings and webinars via the AnswerConnect App. With one click, Kristen can start a chat with her team or call a client with easily imported contacts from the desktop portal. She also hosts video consultations and can read incoming messages from client calls.

Every phone call that came into the office was answered efficiently and clearly. Customers never leave a phone call feeling confused or wondering if the business truly cares about their inquiries as AI voice messages can. Having a human connection provides quality customer service.

The outcome in staying connected.

With AnswerConnect handling her calls and appointments, Kristen could take her job anywhere. She was able to sync all of her contacts into one place and never worry about losing information. By partnering with AnswerConnect, Kristen was able to save on the cost of a new business line.

This previously would have been purchased through a third-party vendor. AnswerConnect provided Kristen with a local phone number. Local numbers maintain a companies sense of community with their customers. With a friendly voice ready to answer every call and capture new leads, Kristen was able to focus on working with existing clients and provide the best service possible.

She could also see a difference right away in her incoming calls. Communication was clear. When messages came through to call customers back, she knew exactly what clients were querying. Providing a human voice for the after-hours calls gives clients the ultimate customer service and stay connected. They know how important their call is and feel heard. Kristin noticed how clients would remark how fast their response time was and the quality of service was great.

Want to know how to stay connected even from home? Connect with a representative today and they will walk you through which option would best suit you and your business. Call 800-700-8888 for a demo!

Quick takeaways.

  • Kristin from Mosquito Squad of Columbia wanted her customers to feel as if they were the top priority when they call.
  • Having a human connection provides quality customer service.
  • AnswerConnect provides Mosquito Squad with a live, friendly voice 24/7/365 days per year.
  • Kristin could see a difference right away in her incoming calls.