Some companies use the word “remote” to talk about their distributed teams. That works, but it also makes work sound distant and isolated. That’s why we prefer to use the word Anywhere. When people can work Anywhere, they see all kinds of benefits, from having more time with family to saving money to helping the environment.

Having an “Anywhere” mindset, one that allows you to succeed at work and collaborate with people whether they’re down the hall or across the world, takes practice. Our team leads and mentors help each virtual receptionist develop a winning mindset to work Anywhere and deliver a great customer experience to our clients’ callers.


Coaching mindset on video

Jean, one of our virtual receptionist mentors, has been with AnswerConnect since 2012. As the mother of four children ranging from a recent high school grad to a newly minted kindergartener, Jean says the best thing about remote work is having more time with her family. (Being able to work barefoot is a close second.)

As a mentor, Jean meets with our virtual receptionists in video calls to help them with whatever they need. Together, they go over the team member’s stats and QA scores, listen to call recordings, and talk about what they’re doing well and what they could do better.

Jean coaches our receptionists to have the right mindset, so they are focused on providing great service to our clients on every call. “Sometimes we can’t resolve the issue” a caller has, she says, “but we can take the message. That is helping, because it’s what our clients want. We get them the information they need. We may not be directly resolving, but we are integral in helping the caller and the client.”


100% focus

Jean also helps our new receptionists adapt to working from home. “Some people have the wrong idea of working from home,” she says, “that you’re just hanging out doing laundry. It can come as a surprise that no, you’re sitting at your desk, working the entire time. It’s still a regular job, and you need to have 100% focus on your job.” Our mentors, like Jean, are there to make sure our team understands their responsibilities and has the support they need to succeed.

“I love being a mentor and helping other people on my team, or other teams,” Jean says. “I feel very fortunate to have a job I can do from home, that I can schedule around my kids’ schedule. It really works for our family that way. I feel lucky.”


Staying calm in the morning rush

Brenda is a member of one of our virtual receptionist teams. She lives and works in El Paso, Texas.

As the mother of three kids aged 10, 7, and 10 months, Brenda has her hands full. As you might expect, a lot of her free time is occupied by taking care of the children. Working from home and self-scheduling helps her make the most of her time.

“Being able to pick my shifts has been the most awesome part of my job,” she says. “Before, I would never be able to make any of my kids’ events for school. Now I can even enjoy dropping them off in peace, rather than just dropping them off and rushing to get to work.”

Brenda’s oldest daughter is autistic, and occasionally when she has a bad day, the school will call Brenda to pick her up. Since Brenda knows that usually happens in the morning, she tends not to schedule herself to work then. Instead, she picks up shifts early in the morning, before her kids wake up, then again in the afternoon, and maybe again in the evening after bedtime.


Appreciating the little things

When her mother or someone else is able to take care of her kids for a few hours, Brenda likes to go to the movies. “It’s quiet and dark,” she says, “it’s a breather—you’re not worried about what everyone else is doing.”

So far, Brenda says, “it’s been an amazing experience working with AnswerConnect and I love the fact that they really show their appreciation for their employees, even if it’s something really small that they succeeded in.”


Helping the team

Manni leads a team of customer experience associates from her home office in El Paso, Texas. For Manni, working at AnswerConnect gives her a chance to develop her passion for coaching and teaching others. “I believe success truly is helping others succeed.”

Manni’s hard work helping others to be their best isn’t limited to her working hours. In fact, she seems only to get busier when she clocks out. She helps lead her daughter’s Girl Scout troop, organizing camping and other travel, and of course the cookie sales. For her middle son, it’s all about band, where he’s a percussionist.

And when the Montwood Rams, her older son’s football team, has an away game, she makes a hundred burritos so all the kids have plenty to eat. Most of the team, she says, doesn’t even know where the food comes from. Manni likes it that way—she prefers to stay in the background. “I teach my kids you should do good for people because you want to and it’s in your heart, not because you want to be rewarded,” she says.


Leaving your ego at the door

At AnswerConnect, Manni has been happy to find kindred spirits. “I’ve never worked for a company that understands human nature more than this one,” she says. “They understand that you have a family, that you get sick once in awhile, and that’s ok. I appreciate how much everybody works together. I haven’t found a lot of pride or egos, which is what I was used to. Here I’ve only come across people that want to help.”


Photo by Simon Migaj on Unsplash