What does an answering service do? This is a frequent question. Answering services provide businesses with virtual receptionists. These agents are real people who work on your behalf and represent your business. They work remotely and not directly employed by you. Virtual receptionists answer all inbound calls, chats, and messages. A business answering service can cover after hours, holidays, and weekends. Answering services help support businesses, allowing them to grow by ensuring that no customer call is ever missed, even after usual business hours.

Kayla McGill, the owner of Bin There Dump That of Fort Collins, a professional, responsible dumpster rental and disposal franchise, has been using an answering service for over two years now.

“I can take my business anywhere without being tied to the office phone. For example, I got a text from AnswerConnect that someone booked a bin at 8pm that night. At that moment, I was able to set it up for the following day, all from my home.”

Kayla would have potentially lost that business if she had missed that call. Having round-the-clock support keeps small businesses, like Kayla’s, available at all times with call handling and live appointment scheduling.

Virtual Receptionists provide connection and trustworthiness.

Answering services also provide a human connection. Most communication (80% of business) happens over the phone. If phone calls go missing, this takes a large toll on the business. Plus, no one likes leaving messages or talking to an Automated Voice System.

“…these phone system interactions are part of the users’ experience with your company’s system or service. This could be the experience that causes them to leave.”

Automated voice systems can leave customers feeling neglected, annoyed, and overall unimportant. This can leave a bad taste in their mouth before they’ve even spoken to a representative. Answering services help businesses keep human connection at the forefront.

These are just some of the reasons why so many businesses are using an answering service to help manage their calls. To learn more about answering services and how they can benefit your business, head over to https://www.answerconnect.com/how-it-works, or call 800-525-1315.