When you have a temporary change to your account, you can let our virtual receptionists know with a status update. 

The status update is a short message that displays at the top of your script for a limited time.

You might use it to let us know when you are closed for some reason at a time you are normally open. Maybe you are having a company party, or maybe you have to close early because of extreme weather.

When you create a status update, you include the message itself as well as the day and time at which you want it to expire. That way, the status update will disappear automatically at the time you choose.

Note: The status update is informational only. Our receptionists will read it and relay the information to your callers as appropriate. However, it will not change your script, the way your calls are routed, or the way your messages are delivered. 
For example, if your status indicates you are closed for the day, but your script says to send all service calls to Bob, we will still do that. 

How to set your status update

Log into your AnswerConnect app and go to the Settings tab in the main menu.

Choose Note for Receptionist.

Enter the note text and set the date and time you’d like it to expire. Your status update will automatically disappear from your script at that time.

Choose Save to add the status update.

If you need to change your script, please call 800-531-5828 or email clientservices@answerconnect.com and our client services department would be happy to help you.