Call-Handling Feedback is our name for a ticket we create that allows us to follow up on any problems that might arise in answering your calls. 

Mistakes happen, but this process allows our supervisors to provide our receptionists with coaching and guidance and allows our Quality Assurance team to track receptionists’ long-term performance.

The best way to submit Call-Handling Feedback is to click on the “thumbs down” button at the bottom of the relevant message.

We won’t use the feedback to reprimand a receptionist. We use Call-Handling Feedback as a valuable tool to coach and improve our overall performance. Our receptionists are human, and they make mistakes from time to time. Our goal is to address any errors efficiently so they don’t become a pattern. 

Call recording, which can be activated for your account by request, can help address call-handling issues by allowing our supervisors and quality assurance staff to review individual calls on your account.