“Radio is an incurable disease,” says John Ashton, host of the radio talk show Those Weekend Golf Guys. “Once it gets in your blood, you’re unable to think about doing anything else for a living.”

John had been a radio personality for 25 years spanning the continent from Bangor, Maine to Dallas, Texas. When his employer decided he was getting too expensive, he found himself at a crossroad. “I had no intention of pursuing anything else but radio,” he recalls. “My other passion is golf. So I married the two. Initially, it was to make golf a tax deduction until a ‘real’ radio job came along, but the show took on a life of its own.”

Those Weekend Golf Guys is now poised for nationwide syndication. It airs Sunday mornings at 10 E.S.T. on 790 WKRD out of Louisville, Kentucky. Out-of-towners can listen to the show via their website, on satellite radio or through the IHeartRadio app. John decided to use the show’s high visibility–as the only golf talk show on air– to promote charity golf tournaments and outings. He also offers his expertise in outside-of-the-box techniques to increase charitable contributions.

He just had one problem, “We–and when I say ‘we,’ I mean ‘me’–are a small company. My office is a box at the local UPS store. I work in my car. I’m always on the road, visiting a golf course, visiting a client, etc. My cell phone is both business and personal. I really didn’t relish the thoughts of giving 24/7 access to my clients by giving them my personal phone number.”

That’s where AnswerConnect stepped in.

John didn’t need a full answering service with webchat, multiple lines or order placement capabilities. He just needed a gatekeeper to handle his incoming calls. So we introduced him to our IVR service, Synclio. With Synclio as his virtual receptionist, John doesn’t need to worry about being available 24/7, because we are. Callers can choose to leave a message or be forwarded to his extension. “We use Synclio for, primarily, credibility. I have a number answered by a hi-tech system that gives the impression of the company being bigger than it really is. And the best part, I have a record of calls and callers that doesn’t fall prey to the whims of the local cell towers.”

With the many options Synclio offers, John Ashton can rest easy.  We will scale with his business needs, and help him avoid the sand-traps and bogeys of missed opportunities and unhappy clients.