Jasbina Ahluwalia sees life as a series of choices, or intersections. “Intersections are magical,” she says. “They change your life.” To help more single people navigate these crossroads, Jasbina foundedIntersections Match in 2007.

The premier matchmaking company, headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, helps selective men and women in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. find the right love match with a blend of best practices from the East and West.


Customized Partner Search Plans

Intersections Match’s process begins with its proprietary Reinvent Your Love Life Assessment lasting about an hour and a half. The goal, Jasbina says, is to learn about you, the client. That knowledge in hand, the Intersections Match team sets about customizing a search plan with the goal of expanding each unique client’s horizon of possibilities. The search plan will be designed from the company’s comprehensive suite of services, including  personalized matchmaking, dating and relationship support to help clients navigate the ups and downs, and hassle-free full-service online dating and support.

Intersections Match uses a complete ecosystem of resources and methods to provide the highest-quality of service for each selective client. The tools include a proprietary database, a North America-wide network of scouts, relationships with dating coaches and matchmakers globally, and strategic ad placement.


A partnership with AnswerConnect

Jasbina initially sought out a live answering service, she says, to complement her staff’s work on their primary goal of matchmaking and online dating support. “Given we want to focus our team’s time on providing exceptional service to our clients,” she says, “we wanted to outsource high-quality phone support for inquiries from prospective clients.”

Intersections Match chose AnswerConnect, she says, because she “appreciated the responsive, quality support we received.” Now that her virtual reception service is in place, she says, “our prospective clients, spanning different time zones, are able to speak with a live person at any time.”

Are you facing the choice of how to find the love of your life? Give Intersections Match a call! “I look forward to helping you find your own special someone waiting for you at your next intersection,” Jasbina says.