Scott Immerman started working with an Apple ][ computer in a school way back in 1978. Today, his S.E.A.L. Systems, based in Sherman Oaks, California, provides technical consulting and proactive support for the full range of Apple products. “Started while in Junior High School and stuck with it ever since,” Scott says of his interest in Apple. “I completely enjoyed being able to help people and companies get the most from their technology.”


Proactive Apple Support

Scott Immerman is a certified member of the Apple Consultants Network, meeting Apple’s criteria to support their products. Scott takes a proactive approach. Rather than wait for things to break before getting involved, S.E.A.L Systems works to find the problems before they turn into damaging downtime and productivity loss.

S.E.A.L. Systems provides a variety of services to businesses that use Apple products. For those new to Apple technology, Scott and his team can introduce clients to what’s available. They help set up new businesses to discover what Apple technology can do. Then, they work with clients to optimize and grow their businesses.


AnswerConnect’s Apple Connection

Scott started looking for an answering service so he could focus on his clients’ needs while still offering phone and scheduling services 24/7/365. “After testing several other services, only AnswerConnect was able to provide all the features we wanted at a price that was within budget,” he says. “The team at AnswerConnect, specifically Kary, was extremely responsive to our needs. I kept asking if they could do this and that, and each time they said ‘no problem,’ which was not the response I received from any other provider.”

AnswerConnect’s customizable call flow, which allows us to answer S.E.A.L. Systems’ calls with a script Scott helped design, is one of Scott’s favorite features. S.E.A.L. Systems averages about $75 for remote appointments, and $300 for onsite visits booked through AnswerConnect. That means he’s able to pay for his monthly $199.99 plan quickly—sometimes with just a single call!

“New clients don’t always give you a second chance if you don’t answer the phone,” he says. “Just one missed call could cost us at least several hundred dollars, so using AnswerConnect is a must for us! Clients report that they like how quickly and efficiently their calls are handled. The system just works!”