AnswerConnect partners with the oldest tree-planting organization in the world, International Tree Foundation, to celebrate their milestone of 100 years of tree-planting initiatives in communities across Africa and the U.K. 

Learn about how AnswerConnect helps the International Tree Foundation plant food forests in one of the least forested countries in Africa: Kenya.

What are food forests

A food forest is an area that encompasses diverse edible plants to develop sustainable ecosystems that can increase food security for a surrounding community.

International Tree Foundation provides training on tree planting, to help communities build confidence in how to create and maintain food forests.

Food forest nursery in Kenya

How can food forests improve the community?

As part of the International Tree Foundation’s Sustainable Community Forestry Programme, which supports various projects in Africa, International Tree Foundation focuses on creating food forests that provide communities with nutritious food to improve the livelihood of local communities. Tree forests also promote the conservation and preservation of resources for promoting local biodiversity. Tree forests can provide habitats for natural wildlife and restore resources for growing trees. Additionally, these trees can improve access to vital medicines and foods to local communities.

People building a food forest planting trees in Kenya

The Sustainable Community Forestry Programme focuses on community led initiatives to develop the education of communities in building long-term solutions to forest growth and development. As a community first program, local people decide which trees to plant, where, and why!

Improving gender inequality and economic security

Today, Kenya’s only remaining rainforest, Kakamega forest, is under threat. However, the International Tree Foundation employs and trains local people in tree planting and selling seedlings to replenish this rich cultural and economic resource.

woman smiling with treeling in food forest

International Tree Foundation helps local people set up their own tree nurseries. These locals are able to earn a livelihood from these nurseries and seeds. By also supporting women in local areas, the organization works to combat gender inequality by giving women a chance to create their own streams of income.

Words of wisdom

We are proud to partner with the International Tree Foundation this month! To learn more about how AnswerConnect is giving back to our Planet, through other tree planting initiatives, click here.

Images courtesy of International Tree Foundation.