When you’re in business, stuff happens.

We work with every client to create a call flow that works for their business. Sometimes, however, unexpected events change things.

That’s why your Client Web Access online portal has Status Updates. Let’s take a look at this feature and how to use it.


What is a status update?

Status updates in Client Web Access are a way for you to provide our virtual receptionists with important but temporary information about your account.

You enter your status update, just like on Facebook or other social media platforms. You set an expiration time for the status. Then, your status appears at the top of the script when our virtual receptionists answer calls for you.


Why use a status update?

Your CWA account contains important information about your business, such as your business hours. Our virtual receptionists use this information to answer questions and give your callers the best possible customer experience.

But sometimes, things change. Here are a few scenarios that might call for a status update.

  • Your office closes unexpectedly. If bad weather, power outage, or other emergency forces you to close when you’re usually open, a status update can let our virtual receptionists know, so they can relay the information to your callers.
  • You’re in a meeting, at lunch, or even in court. If you don’t want to be disturbed, you can put that in your status. Our receptionists will know to hold your calls until you remove the status. Or, we can let your callers know if it’ll be a while before you have a chance to get back to them.
  • You’re out sick or on vacation. If you or another member of your team is out for the day, we can let your customers know.
  • You’re on it. Sometimes a situation with your business may cause a spike in calls. Maybe you’re a property manager dealing with a problem at one of your buildings. Or maybe you’re a software company with a temporary outage. A status update can help us let your callers know you’re aware of the problem and working to fix it.

You may find other uses for the status update. It’s up to you! Any time you want our virtual receptionists to know something that isn’t covered in your normal script, a status update lets you tell us.


How to set a status update

It’s simple! Just log in to Client Web Access or your AnswerConnect mobile app. Let’s look at CWA for desktop first.

You’ll find the status update field under the Call Flow menu item. Once there, choose Profile. Right at the top you’ll see your subaccount (if any). That’s right—you can set your status separately for each subaccount, if you have more than one number with us.

AnswerConnect Client Web Access status update focus


Underneath the field for the status itself, you’ll see the expiration dropdown menu. You can choose to have your status expire automatically at midnight, after 12 hours, or after 24 hours. Of course, you can always remove the status manually by deleting it.

When you’ve entered your status and selected an expiration time, just push the Update Status button to set the status.

AnswerConnect Client Web Access status update feature dropdown menu


Want to verify that you’ve set your status correctly? The Agent View screen (also under Call Flow) shows you what our virtual receptionists see when they answer your calls. Look for your status in the bright orange bar right at the top of your script.

AnswerConnect Agent View showing status update in Client Web Access


Setting a status update on mobile

If you’re using the AnswerConnect mobile app, setting your status is just as easy. First, click the hamburger icon (the three stacked horizontal lines) at the top left to open the menu.

AnswerConnect mobile app menu

Then choose Status Update and enter your status.

AnswerConnect mobile app status update

Bingo! Status set.

AnswerConnect mobile app status update

Status updates can be a handy feature to customize your account temporarily. If you need to make more permanent changes, give us a call or email us any time. Our client services department will be happy to help!

Have you used status updates in CWA or the mobile app? Let us know what you use them for in the comments.