If customer requests to bots were compiled, “I want to talk to an agent” would top the list. 70% of customers who reach automated answering systems hit “0” fast to reach a real person.

Rare is the customer who is happy to receive a five-minute tree diagram response from a bot. It’s even rarer when they have the option to connect to a human within seconds. When speaking to a real person, the flow of conversation has no specified course, and any question asked is taken into consideration. That is customer empowerment.

Our top 7 ‘Humans vs Bots’ stats reinforce the importance of the human touch in your business conversations.

86% of consumers prefer to interact with live customer support.

Customers appreciate the active real-time support that only a human can provide in answering their questions.

61% of mobile users call a business during the purchase phase of the buying cycle.

Customers want to talk to a real human who understands their needs before making the final purchase decision. Since mobile phones make searches and calling convenient, businesses need to keep someone constantly available by the phone.

Nearly 60% of customers think calling a real person will help accomplish their goal faster.

Compared to using a website or other channels of communication, the majority of customers anticipate a satisfying end result when they make a phone call.

52% of customers call from an online search to find out if you’re open.

If you own a restaurant or a retail store, that number spikes to 59%. Prospects usually perform a basic online search to find your business hours. Even if customers get their answers from Google, they still want to call in and ensure you’re available.

88% of customers who search online for a local business on a mobile device either call or visit the business within 24 hours.

Google reveals that 97% of customers searched online to find a local business. If they find a phone number, they tend to call before they pay a visit. That’s why it’s so crucial to keep your phone lines open at all prospects times.

74% of people who do not receive good phone support are likely to choose another business.

Customers evaluate your service right from the first point of contact. Offering friendly and professional support is a great first impression. With good phone support as your customer service #1 priority, you gain a competitive advantage.

71% of customers say they would avoid a brand that doesn’t provide human customer service.

It’s not very often that a business offers only IVR or chatbot support. However, when it does, it runs the risk of losing a majority of customers! Humans want other humans who can think and comprehend complex queries.


Approximately 90% of businesses compete on the grounds of customer experience. Keep your phone lines open 24×7 and clear early roadblocks to customers’ interest in your business. It makes a big difference to have your customers engaged at all times. 

Keep your business running beyond holidays, weekends, after-hours, and even through natural disasters. Create a unique impression in the minds of your callers to secure them. Increase your revenue by retaining your customers.

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