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Customer Service: The $83 Billion Question

U.S. companies lose about $83 billion annually when customer service doesn’t measure up and loyal customers either choose a competitor… Continue Reading →

Tax preparation done right with live answering

Every year at this time, we have many Tax professionals call us looking for phone support during peak tax season…. Continue Reading →

Better Customer Service Equals Higher Profits

In a tough economic environment, shaving your customer service to the bone may be an enticing option.  But, American Express… Continue Reading →

Confessing Mistakes Wins Customer Loyalty

No company is perfect.  Although each of us wishes it were so, both people and organizations make mistakes. From corporate… Continue Reading →

Create An Innovative Workplace

Here at AnswerConnect, we’re fascinated by innovation.  Steven Johnson’s new book, Where Good Ideas Come From, has some great insights into how… Continue Reading →

Customer Satisfaction Outranks Customer Delight

When customers contact customer service, most would be pleased to have their issues resolved versus being wowed by your company… Continue Reading →

Social Media 101 for Small & Medium Businesses

Social media seems to be the talk of the town.  Some people use social media tools to keep up with… Continue Reading →

4 Lessons from Four Seasons Success

Four Seasons hotel founder Isadore Sharp has written a book entitled “Four Seasons: The Story of a Business Philosophy” on… Continue Reading →

Connecting Sustainability and Profitability

Are we moving towards a world where businesses will be measured by positive and negative impacts on society and the… Continue Reading →

The 5 Minutes that Makes or Breaks Sales

Did you know that the odds of contacting a lead if called in 5 minutes versus 30 minutes drop 100… Continue Reading →

Could Underdog Status Be the Key to Branding?

Have you rooted for an underdog?  From baseball to business, underdog stories are pervasive across the world.  Consumers may relate… Continue Reading →