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Inside AnswerConnect: Letty Gomez

Born and raised in Chicago, Letty now lives and works in El Paso. “I like the smaller towns,” she says. After starting out as a bilingual CX Specialist, taking calls...

Terri Phillips
Aug 4, 2014 2 min read

Inside AnswerConnect: Thomas Oakes

A native Texan, Thomas traveled to Guadalajara, Mexico in the late 1970s after his first year of university studies in the U.S. The trip turned out to be a life-changer—he...

Terri Phillips
Jul 28, 2014 2 min read
Answerconnect cover

AnswerConnect: Beginnings

If things had taken a different turn, this would have been a much different blog post. Hard to see a poster shop employing hundreds of remote workers or servicing businesses...

Terri Phillips
May 10, 2012 3 min read
Answerconnect cover

AnswerConnect Turns Ten!

AnswerConnect is celebrating a special birthday! It’s been a decade since we began answering phones for businesses large and small, and this Sunday we’re gathering at McMenamin’s Edgefield to celebrate...

Terri Phillips
Apr 20, 2012 4 min read

Talk, Type, Tell

No one likes to feel rushed. Part of the beauty of calling a business and talking to a live person is just that:  talking. We want to feel our problems...

Terri Phillips
Mar 9, 2012 3 min read
Answerconnect cover

AnswerConnect: Managing a Distributed Workforce

AnswerConnect leads are in a unique position: They’re in charge of several hundred remote workers. Some managers may quail slightly at the thought of managing a distributed workforce. After all,...

Terri Phillips
Feb 16, 2012 3 min read
Answerconnect cover

Fueling Your Company, Not Your Car

As an AnswerConnect employee, or client, you did something remarkable today. You helped save 282 gallons of gasoline. You cut down on the amount of pollutants released into the air....

Terri Phillips
Jan 18, 2012 2 min read

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